What to Expect


We understand that the process of bariatric surgery is complex from the patient's point of view. From finding the right bariatric surgeon to establishing the best post-operative care plan. Our trained professionals guide you through every step of the process of bariatric surgery, starting with scheduling your consultation with our bariatric surgeon, through completing all the right forms and application packets. We even help you organize and schedule your pre-admission tests, determine if you need a special diet plan before weight loss surgery, help you enroll in smoking cessation programs (if necessary), and start an exercise program.

You will also benefit from pre-surgical education classes that provide you with essential information, such as items you may need during your hospital stay, laying out your nutritional needs following weight loss surgery, and an overview of what to expect when you return home after bariatric surgery.

Hospital Stay

Typically two days in length. Soon after your bariatric surgery, we will encourage you to walk around in your hospital room, and up and down the hallway (walking is one of our best tools to prevent blood clots and to promote healing). During your stay, we encourage you to re-read your class surgery manual and prepare for discharge to home and the beginning of your post-operative weight loss journey.


Post-op care is vital to your health and to your weight loss success! We will plan to see you in the MBI clinic at least five times within the first year after your surgery. At each visit, you will see either your surgeon or our physician assistant who will evaluate how you're healing post surgery and your general progress. You will also meet with one of the MBI Registered Dietitians, who will review your nutrition needs and will address concerns on a regular basis. Our most successful patients are regular attendees at our monthly support group meetings. These meetings are designed to provide you with appropriate and helpful information to aid you in your weight loss journey. We have discussions and speakers each month, and several annual events such as our clothing sale and baseball game, to engage and educate our patients.

Another program we have in place for our patients is the BariPartner™ program. This is a patient-to-patient mentoring group that provides one-on-one support between pre-op and post-op patients. BariPartner™ can help guide and encourage the "pre-bari" and newly post-op patient, and help you establish an experienced friend who understands your questions, concerns, and your goals.

At MBI, we understand it takes a village to accomplish this great journey. Our bariatric team of caring, trained, experienced professionals will guide you from the very beginning and provide support for years to come. We are very well prepared and excited to be a part of your life-changing event, and to care for you in your new healthier future!

Fill out the "Request Your No Obligation Consultation Today!" form on this page and click "Get Started". A member of our staff will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if you qualify for a no-obligation consultation. Or, simply call us at 1-877-WHY-WEIGHT. We're standing by to help you start your journey to a healthy weight tomorrow.