Success Stories

Losing weight is not easy and neither is the decision to undergo bariatric surgery. You might worry that the surgery you choose will not work for you or that you will experience some sort of problem after an operation. You have probably already worked very hard under weight loss programs in the past; sweating and starving for days or weeks on end, only to drop a couple of pounds then gain it all back. So you may be worried that the same thing will happen after bariatric surgery.

Fortunately, thousands of people have already had bariatric surgery and are now enjoying slimmer, healthier lives. Their success stories stand as tributes to the revolutionary procedures included under the umbrella of weight loss surgeries.

The professionals at the Michigan Bariatric Institute enjoy being part of many success stories. Each day, we hear good news from our current and past patients about their continued weight loss. Many of our patients experience additional weight loss long after having bariatric weight loss surgery at Michigan Bariatric Institute.

Read personal experiences from actual patients of Michigan Bariatric Institute. Hear firsthand stories about how laparoscopic procedures, such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap banding changed the lives of people just like you. See their amazing physical transformations in the pictures below. Imagine how you will look in your “before and after” photos as you write your own success story in the weeks and months to come.

Dan R. *

Dan R. from Highland, MI had Sleeve Gastrectomy on December 6, 2010 with Dr. Zeni at St. Mary Mercy Livonia. He is an avid MBI Support Group member and has an incredible story to tell.

Dan was motivated to have surgery when he realized that his blood pressure, joint pain and sleep apnea were becoming too much to handle and the excess weight was affecting his job.

Within the first year after Sleeve Gastrectomy, Dan lost 188 pounds... Read More

* Individual results may vary person to person.

Jeremy and Tohnya M. *

Tohnya and Jeremy M. from Ypsilanti both had Sleeve Gastrectomy at St. Mary Mercy Livonia just weeks apart from each other. Jeremy on March 29, 2013 with Dr. Roberts and Tohnya to follow on April 15, 2013 with Dr. Zeni. Together they have and will continue to be an inspiration to MBI.

Before surgery, Jeremy struggled with the image he saw in the mirror, not liking who was looking back at him, "Well, one of us is going to have to change." Tohnya wanted to be healthy and set a good example for her friends, family and future children.

Within the first 6 months after surgery, Jeremy lost 118 pounds and Tohnya lost 114 pounds. At one year post-op, Jeremy is down 133 pounds and Tohnya is down 144 pounds... Read More

* Individual results may vary person to person.

Shannon C. *

Shannon C. from Waterford, MI had Gastric Bypass on November 22, 2011 with Dr. Zeni at St. Mary Mercy Hospital-Livonia. She is a proud MBI patient and has an inspiring story to tell.

Shannon’s motivation to have surgery came when she felt that she had "hit bottom". She was fearful every night that she would not wake up to see morning. Shannon’s sister had Gastric Bypass with Dr. Zeni a few years earlier and encouraged her to meet with him. Shannon was very scared to go through with the surgery but felt she needed to do it. She realized that it took hitting bottom to take her weight seriously, but now wishes she had done it earlier.

Within the first year after Gastric Bypass, Shannon lost 171 pounds. ... Read More

* Individual results may vary person to person.

Sheila "Ray" K. *

Sheila "Ray" K. from Westland, MI had Gastric Bypass on December 19, 2012 with Dr. Zeni at St. Mary Mercy Livonia. We are more than proud to share her story.

Sheila “Ray” joined the MBI team May 7, 2012. She has three beautiful daughters and an adorable grand-daughter who mean the world to her. Her motivation to have surgery was simple and clear. She wanted to look better and feel better. Wanting to enjoy her family and her own life for years to come, she knew long-term better health was the biggest motivator. Sheila “Ray’s” fun-loving personality was not represented well with the clothing that was available to her for purchase in the “full-figure” section of the stores. She was feeling depressed and down on herself. But was determined to make a positive change in her life. She turned to Dr. Zeni as step one towards that change and leaned on her family and the MBI girls for additional support... Read More

* Individual results may vary person to person.

Monica G. and Karen S. *

Monica G. and Karen S. are sisters who both had Gastric Bypass with Michigan Bariatric Institute. Monica, from Clarkston, had surgery with Dr. Roberts on 12/27/2011. Not long after, Karen, from Livonia, had surgery with Dr. Zeni on 2/27/2012. Together they have and will continue to be an inspiration to MBI.

Both sisters struggled with their weight for most of their lives. Monica knew losing weight would have a great impact on her health as she was on several medications for various health issues. She needed and wanted to become a healthier person for herself and her family and become a positive role model for her children. As most close sisters who share a lot of the same things, Karen's motivation to become healthier was also her husband and her children... Read More

* Individual results may vary person to person.